Our company taking care of needs of the client produce litter bins from thermally treated wood. Because thermally treated wood is a new generation of wood materials. The technology is in gradual heating of wood up to temperatures of 170-220 °C leading to changes in the structure across the depth of the material without the use of any chemicals. Absolute ecological purity.


The benefits of thermo treatment wood:


 Reduce sensitivity to moisture and changing shape

 Improved surface quality

 Increases the resistance of timber to changes in weather conditions

 Increased protection against rot and mildew without chemical impregnation

 In most cases, does not require painting

 The life of the wood increases at 15-25 time

 Has a pronounced smell of natural wood

 Not afraid of accidental scratches and damage

60 l dustbins
60 l dustbins

Wooden litter bin 60L “Jurmala” with legs


Wooden litter bin 60L “Classic”