Facilities and services


Factory Darba Spars manufactures wide range of metalware and products made of steel (including stainless steel), aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.


We offer metal processing services as follows:


  • Turning;
  •  Milling;
  •  Benchwork processing;
  •  Processing of metals by pressure (punching, deep-drawing, bead forming, rolling, bending, etc.);
  •  Different types of welding (electric, semi-automatic, argon, contact welding) of all metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium alloys);
  • Sandblasting and shotblasting;
  • Powder painting of ready products;  
  • Enamel coating application (vitreous enamelling);
  •  Application of teflon (non-stick) coating for food, bakery, confectionery and other industries;
  •  Etching of finished products;
  • Laser engraving

  • Darba Spars for many years providing professional services to develop design and technical solutions in the manufacture of steel products.
    The quality of the products fully meets customer requirements and European standards.

    Please send your inquiry to info@darbaspars.lv and we will find a solution for you!

    Metal coating
    Non-stick coating application (teflon)
    Metal coating


    We offer application of wide range of teflon and nonstick coatings for consumer and industrial applications of all types, from frying pans to food processing industry.


    Laser engraving on wood
    Stamping services

    We offer next stamping services:

  • stamping
  • cold stamping
  • sheet stamping
  • stamping of details
  • stamping of products
  • Welding services
    Contract vitreous enameling

    We offer welding services practically to any complexity:

  • spot welding
  • argon welding
  • aluminum welding
  • services of welding of a stainless steel
  • longitudinal and cross welding of a thin, sheet material
  • Darba Spars Ltd. factory is leading manufacturer of vitreous enamel products in the Baltic region and has been manufacturing them for more than 50 years. Our factory offer to coat a wide variety of products in cost-effective ways.

    Metal bending

    Metal bending