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      Contract vitreous enameling

Vitreous enameling is a glass coating chemically bonded to steel at high temperatures around 850 degrees Celsius.

Architectural panels, signs, information boards, mailboxes, kitchenware, gas appliance accessories, burner tops, tubes, industrial pumps, boilers, etc.

Properties of Enamel Steel 

Vandal resistant:
Their excellent hardness makes them difficult to scratch and highly resistant to abrasion. 

Fire And Temperature Resistance:
The high grade of the steel means that it does not deteriorate as a result of temperature changes, and remains stable between -50º and 450º C. It is completely incombustible.

Corrosion Resistance:
Enamel provides corrosion protection, which is stable over time; it prevents oxidation both at high temperatures and in humid atmospheres.

Resistance To Atmospheric Agents: 
Not affected by ultraviolet radiation, salty wind, artificial light or sunlight and other atmospheric effects. Colors do not fade over time. Perfect for marine application so far range from oil platforms to the logos on ships’ funnels.

Resistance to chemicals means that paint, graffiti and stains can be cleaned with detergents or solvents.

Chemical Resistance: 
Not affected by detergents or organic solvents. Also highly resistant to most acids.

The surface of enamel steel is particularly hard and smooth. Its lack of porosity means that it cannot absorb dust, oil, grease, etc. It will not allow any mold to develop.

Thanks to unique properties of enamel steel, we offer up to 100 year warranty for our vitreous enamel signs.

Enamel signs in process

Being vandal and weather resistant, vitreous enamel signs are ideal for tough urban environments. Complex artwork can easily be accommodated and multicoloured images can be incorporated with various sizes, resulting in long lasting, vibrant non-fade, high quality signs.
  • Street name and house numbering signs

  • Special industrial information signs       

  • Warning signs            

  • Corporate signs

  •  Maps

  • Direction signs

  • Underground signs

  • Information boards

  • Marine application

The low costs of installation and maintenance, combined with the very long life of vitreous enamel signs means the represent real value for money.


Architectural panels

Vitreous enamel is the ideal way to manufacture architectural panels, due to its UV stability, high vandal and graffiti resistance and fire inertness.

  • Building fasades, anti-graffiti building protection with enamel panels
  • Underground tunnels
  • Cleanrooms
  • Whiteboards (writing surfaces)
  • Toilet cabins
  • Transformer cabins, heat exchanger cabins
Vitreous enamel screen-printing based on customer's artwork is available.


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