Non-stick coating application (teflon)

Thanks to great production facilities of Darba Spars Ltd. factory we offer wide range of metal-working services.
We work as subcontactor for stamping, welding, bending, laser cutting, powder painting, vitreous enameling, non-stick coatings application, etc.

We offer following coatings:


Non-stick coating

Anticorrosive industrial coating


One-component premium two coat non-stick coating with additional reinforcement for extended durability.

Organic solvent based, low friction coating. Provides a low coefficient of friction, high resistance to corrosion, oxidation, resisting of temperatures and freezing. UV resistance.

Surface after processing

Extremely smooth

Smooth & matte

Application area

Suitable for contact with food, for inner surface of cookware

Typical application: threaded fasteners. For use in aggressive salt environment. High chemical resistance


High antibacterial properties, does not oxidize

Excellent anti-adhesive properties

Total dry film thickness for optimum properties

>30 µ

20 µ

Coats to apply



Non-stick properties

Not normally specified for this coating

Wear resistance


Very high, even under extreme pressures

Abrasion Resist

Abrasion Test

2 000 – 3 000 циклов

Low friction(< 0.02)

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